In order to
you must first
something else.
is the result of us
the last 10 years
of our lives.
Bhayanak Maut: Man
Album Credits

Bhayanak Maut – Man

Produced by Anupam Roy & Bhayanak Maut.

Mixed & mastered by Anupam Roy at Grey Productions.

All instruments except for vocals engineered and recorded by Anupam Roy at That Studio.

All vocals recorded & engineered by Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija at That Studio.

Additional engineering on drums by Kuber Sharma.

Album art and illustrations created by Kikyz1313.

Guests / Friends / Family on this album include:

Abhishek Kamdar, Kuber Sharma, Ishaan Krishna, R. Venkatraman and Rahul Hariharan – Additional Voices in ‘All Glory to the Beard’.
K. Venkatesh – Spoken Word in ‘Genosis’.
Eshwari Pandit – Spoken Word in ‘Perfecting the Suture’ and ‘Princest’.
Shalaka Pai, Eshwari Pandit & Anisha Singhi – Cheerleader shouts in ‘XOXOXO’.
Abhishek Kamdar, Kuber Sharma, Ishaan Krishna, R. Venkatraman, Rahul Hariharan, Sahil Makhija, Eshwari Pandit & Anisha Singhi – Additional Voices in ‘Iku’.

All songs written by Bhayanak Maut.

Bhayanak Maut Is:

R. Venkatraman – Guitars.
Aditya Gopinathan Nair – Guitars.
Rahul Hariharan – Drums.
Ishaan Krishna – Bass.
Sunneith Revankar – Vocals.
Vinay Venkatesh – Vocals.

Bhayanak Maut would like to thank the following for their advice, support, time and belief:

Oranjuice Entertainment. That Studio. Anupam Roy. Sahil Makhija. Fali Damania. Ashish Manchanda. Kuber Sharma. Varun Gathani, Abhishek Kamdar & Adityaraj Mehta. Kikyz1313. Reuben Bhattacharya. Arun Kale. Furtados. Alberto’s Music. Naveen Deshpande & The Mixtape Family. Arun Iyer. Naresh Dhondi. Priyesh Trivedi. Roycin D'Souza. Eshwari Pandit, Anisha Singhi & Shalaka Pai.

Rahul would like to thank:

Appa, Amma, Nikhil, Swetha and little Anirudh. \m/
My brothers and partners in crime, Venky, Vinay, Amidstya, Sunny and Ishaan.
Anupam, Arun and Kuber for all your hard work and advice.
Furtados, Musicians Mall and Shalu's music for their support.
Sudhir, Sudeep, Shangoo, Varun, Joshua and your respective lovelies.
Aakash, Thatgul, Kamdar, Bebop and Rocksteady.

Venky would like to thank:

Appa, Amma, Thiru, Rahul, Vinay, Amidstya, Sunny, Ishaan, Anupam, Kuber, Huzefa, Shantanu, Elrid, Pratap, Viraaj, Snighdha, Divya, and Aditi. Thank you for the jokes, the guidance, the inspiration, the rap on the knuckles and fish.

Everyone at Furtados, Bajaao and Alberto's Music for the stationery.

Amidstya would like to thank:

Satwiki & the usual suspects.

Ishaan would like to thank:

Rahul, Vinay, Amidstya, Venky, Sunny, Thatgul, Anupam, Mr. Bhargava and Musicians Mall, mum, dad, Ragini, Abhishek Kamdar for always letting me use his gear, and Karun and Krehl for helping me make the audition video.

Sunneith would like to thank:

Vinay, Rahul, Venky, Aditya, and Ishaan. Maa, Pappa, and Sonam. Abhishek Kamdar and Sahil Makhija.

Vinay would like to thank:

Sunneith, Rahul, Venky, Aditya & Ishaan.
Ma & Pa. Laurence, Vivek, Maya & Marek. Andrea, Kamal, Shaurya & Sofia.
Owen, Jairam, Varun, Kunal, Bradley, Neville & Lisa at Oranjuice Entertainment.
Anupam Roy & Sahil Makhija. Thank you both for believing in BM.
Rahul, Aakash, Kuber, ThatGul, Beebop & Rocksteady at That Studio.
Eshwari Pandit for making my dream come true. Thank you, Bubs.
Varun Gathani, Abhishek Kamdar, Adityaraj Mehta. Thank you, gentlemen.
Sid Kadadi & Jai Row Kavi.
Arun Kale.
Reuben Bhattacharya.
Naveen Deshpande.
TheVaas & Prerana for their time, encouragement, love & chai.

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I Am Man

I Am Man“Share upon this day, ten years of servitude.”

All Glory to the Beard

All Glory to the Beard“Decorated by the dead, it thrives.”


Genosis“I will cover your trail of blood.”

Stage 1: Trema
Perfecting the Suture

Perfecting the Suture“Fresh, smooth, the skin untouched by scars that rob you of sleep forever.”

It Knows

It Knows“Underneath all the skin & bone is a home.”

Bhayanak Maut

Bhayanak Maut“Steel meets skull.”

Stage 2: Apophany
Now, Creation. Forever, Destruction.

Now, Creation. Forever, Destruction.“Shitting a foetus.”

Stage 3: Anastrophy

XOXOXO“What would you really like to taste?”

For Science

For Science“Red, shine, smell, piss, decay.”


Princest“Let's start with you, Mom.”

Stage 4: Consolidation

Iku“Fermented in a pit of a memory.”

Light Shall Conquer

Light Shall Conquer“Here's where I have to eat your black heart and say my favourite line.”

Stage 5: Residumm

Stage 5: Residumm“Yes.”